Life Drawing

Most of the following life drawings were done at Vincents, 4th Floor, 84 Willis Street, Wellington on a Tuesday or Thursday (7.00pm - 9.00pm). These sessions are not tutored but are available to anybody who is interested in life drawing. Eight dollars waged, five dollars unwaged and a tea or coffee available at the break for twenty cents - it's a bargain, come along.

Nude Seated  (pencil on paper with photoshop A2)

J's head  (pencil on paper 10 min) 

J's sholder  (pencil on paper 10 min) 

F  (pencil on paper 4 x 5 min)

F  (pencil on paper 3 x 10 min)

F  (coloured pencil on coloured paper 20 min)

K  (coloured pencil on coloured paper 20 min)

T  (coloured pencil on coloured paper 20 min) 

C  (coloured pencil on coloured paper) 

Composite ( pencil on paper - photoshop)

Claire A3 ( pencil on paper 20min)
(Alas this is the last time we got to draw Claire - back home to Australia)

F A3 ( pencil on paper 10, 15min)

C A3 (coloured pencil on paper)

C A3 (pencil on paper)

Fiona A3 (coloured pencil)

Life Drawing, Clair, A3 (pencil on paper)

C A4 (pencil on paper)