Oil Painting

Hot Water (Oil on Canvas) 605mm x 910mm

M 500mm x 750mm (oil on canvas)

Standing 910mm x 610mm (oil on canvas)

Reclining Nude 1520mm x 910mm (oil on canvas)

Afternoon Wine 1010mm x 500mm (oil on canvas)

Relaxing 600mm x 450mm

Trip Away 600mm x 300mm
(An Early Painterly Sketch)

Early in the Evening 600mm x 300mm

Shower Painting 1 510mm x 760mm

Quarter Acre, Homage to Mum and Dad 910mm x 1220mm
(Reference to Grant Wood, American Gothic)
The portrait of Mum and Dad is going to be on show at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Shed 11 from 24th of Feb to the 11th of April.